This video, which was shown at the AANE Annual Gala on May 3, 2014, highlights the skills and stories of members of AANE's blossoming Artist Collaborative. The Collaborative consists of adult artists with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and related profiles, whose art gives us a unique lens through which to see their world.

In November 2013, Rebbie Ratner, a filmmaker with an interest in AS, visited AANE with a full crew and a lot of curiosity. During Rebbie's filming, the Collaborative participated in Watertown Open Studios, where artists displayed their work and gave live demonstrations of their artistic processes. Rebbie and her crew captured the event and spent time with individual artists, diving deeper into each artist's unique perspective. The video conveys the meaning and role that art plays in the lives of these inspiring artists and the support that the Artist Collaborative, and the Asperger's Association of New England as a whole, has given them.

About Us


In 2007, the Asperger Association of New England (AANE) presented its first art show that gave a glimpse of the talents of the artists with Asperger's Syndrome at their annual Fall conference. After a few years of doing art shows, AANE developed their own Artist Collaborative to the artists in their community to showcase and sell their work on a regular basis throughout the year. This website is to highlight a sampling of their art pieces and biographies.

We encourage all adult artists in the AANE community to join our collaborative.

Our Gallery

AANE Artist Collaborative artwork is on display in a permanent gallery at the AANE offices in Watertown, MA.  Pieces on display, along with artwork on this site are available to purchase.  For more information on our artists, their artwork and the gallery, please contact us.