Artist - Painter, Musician, Weaver and Textile Historian

Bodhran & Whistle Maker, Model Shipwright, Jeweler 


Edward shares a unique point of view regarding art and life.  

 “One of the aspects of Asperger’s people is that we think in pictures or images and they were burning in my mind. I wanted to show others how I saw things and the camera would not do that. I chose oil painting and have produced paintings of how I see the word with my exquisite senses. My paintings can best be described in the way Robert Graves described his poetry, “An enshrinement of a piece of experience” or in other words, something I saw and how I saw it.

“I hope in these images to convey to the viewer a sense of stillness, endurance, and serenity. The inner peace I gain by capturing that moment of light, color, and shadow.”

 “My paintings are about light on a structure and how the colors are changed by it and the patterns of the shadows created by this. My subject matter is usually an older building of unique design such as a lighthouse, mill, factory, or store. Weather derelict or still in use these are all unique and do not conform to the modern, prefabricated buildings which have come into being.

“It was only in 2006 that I found I have been on the Autistic Spectrum all my life, as I have Asperger’s Syndrome.  This knowledge has put so much into place in my life and been liberating as I now truly know that I think and see things a bit different than most other people. The feelings of rejection and being left out which one can acquire with this syndrome especially when he doesn’t know about it have always drawn me to the things passed by or abandoned.