Karen Boyd

Karen (Lean) Boyd was born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada and currently lives in the Boston Area. She was recognized for her artistic ability from an early age and attended public schools with fine arts enrichment programs since grade 7. Karen was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 32.

She works mainly with acrylics but also explores other media including pastel, pencil, and computer graphics tablet. She describes her process as an intuitive one: "I paint from a deep meditative place where I have no idea what a painting will look like when I start it. So paintings can take hours or years to be completed". 

Her work ranges from traditional landscape to imaginative representational and abstract works, often with an emphasis on color rather than form. 

Karen's other interests include hiking and backpacking, bird watching, kayaking, and anything else that takes her into the outdoors. In addition to her formal art training she also has a bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and Communications, and is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher.