Tom Jenks

As I feel the sweet rhythms of the uni-verse pulsing through my feet, I let the trance visions flow through my fingers and onto the canvas -- giving color and form to worlds and beings of light. I create art to reveal the depth of my meditative practices -- I simply allow the paint brush to dance and sing the harmonies that I hear when I truly listen to the commune-eye-cations coming through. The creative and magical act of painting is a healing performance that allows me to practice entering into a high energy trance, through hypnotic sound and movement. At first the painting seems chaotic and flowing everywhere all at once, but as the energy clarifies, I collect the awareness gained from the ecstatic journey, into a slower, more meditative energy, where, through the lens of my perception, the diverse elements organize themselves into a clear commune-I-cation of an eternal shamanic story. As the plot, characters, and scenes miraculously flow forth, eternal essence is embodied, and realized, as the fully awakened presence, that is continues to remember and explore itself.  

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